Tucson Unified tracks the condition of every building and each major piece of equipment. This allowed each department to identify equipment that was beyond, or approaching the end of, it’s useful life. The bond program was developed by a group of staff, parents, and community members using needs identified by these departments and by principals for the needs at each neighborhood school. The bond includes projects that benefit every school in the district.
By state law, Tucson Unified is required to allocate the bond money just as it is shown in the ballot question. So, if voters approve the bond, they can be assured that it will be spent just as they approved it to be spent. The law also requires that Tucson Unified hold a public meeting each year to report how bond proceeds have been spent. Beyond that, Tucson Unified has committed to providing an even higher level of oversight than required by law. To ensure that Tucson Unified exceeds all legal requirements and meets all promises made to the voters, the Governing Board established a committee of citizens to oversee bond expenditures. This committee will review every project to recommend specific expenditures to the Governing Board, and they will regularly report progress to the Board and the community.

Property taxes are based on the net limited assessed value for taxable property in TUSD. A Tucson Unified homeowner is estimated to pay $68.78 in property taxes for every $100,000 of net limited assessed value. 

Boys at school desks
* The costs provided here are estimates based on information available as of June 2023. Actual costs will be determined when each project is designed for the specific site and the district enters into a contract.